Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, October 18 from 12:30-3:30 and 5:00-8:00. PowerSchool, email, and phone conversations are powerful ways to communicate with your son or daughter's teacher. In addition, we believe face-to-face meetings help us continue to build that connection with your family.

Please use our online booking website at to schedule your appointments. SignUpGenius simplifies the process of coordinating appointments and people by providing free online sign ups for our school.

In the event that all appointment times are taken, we encourage you to drop in. If this date does not work for you, please reach out to your son or daughter's teachers using the staff directory located at

Research shows the more teachers and parents share relevant information with each other about a student, the better equipped both will be to help that student to achieve academically. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Welcome, Shorians!

Lake Shore High School's mission is to ensure the lifelong academic, social, and career development of all students in becoming responsible and valued citizens.  We do this through innovative teaching techniques in all classes, collaboration, integrated technology, and rigorous academics, including college-level, Advanced Placement, and Career Technical Education courses.  We encourage all students to become involved in the school culture through athletics, our multiple student-led organizations, and school spirit activities. 

Lake Shore High School is a great place to create positive memories, learn, grow, and prepare for your future…wherever that may lead you. 

This is #ShorianPride.


Lake Shore Information

Chinese Exchange Program

Please welcome our 71 Chinese exchange students, all in 11th grade.

Lake Shore signed a 20-year agreement in 2011 to continue and grow a Chinese exchange student program, upgrading the Taylor building the same year. The dorm accommodates 120 students and staff, and offers classrooms with technology, a Wi-Fi network and a gym.

Chinese Students

We Welcome You, Class of 2022

Over 300 students attended Freshmen Orientation gearing the Class of 2022 up for the upcoming school year! Student and building leaders shared expectations, resources, and advice for a better student experience. 

Information addressed in this 
slide deck included important calendar dates, daily schedule, attendance, policies, 1:1 technology initiatives, curriculum, building security, lockers, athletics, activities and clubs, student support, and counseling.

Freshmen Orientation

Parking Spot Pride

Having your own parking spot is a rite of passage. This year our student drivers had the opportunity to paint and personalize their parking space. From career goals to personal passions, our students have brought whimsical Lisa Frank-inspired colors and designs to our student lot.


By the Numbers

129 employees
336 seniors
381 juniors
317 sophomores
291 freshmen
18,819 school breakfasts served
78,507 school lunches served
1,325 Chromebooks distributed
-- course offerings
25 extracurricular activities
23 sports
1 Lake Shore High School

Points of Pride

During the 2017-18 school year, there have been many reminders of what Lake Shore Public Schools stands for. Please enjoy our Points of Pride slideshow, a collection of reasons why Lake Shore is our home.

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