Points of Pride


       Lake Shore has used Carnegie Learning online for 9 years within our Algebra I curriculum. This computerized system gives example problems, tips on how to complete problems, a step by step process, and immediate individualized practice. 

       Every mathematics student has access to a TI 84-Plus graphing calculators for in-class usage.  The math department has 400 TI-84 calculators for student use.

       Students are given a comprehensive math curriculum for all levels ranging from co-teach, paced, and independent courses.  Math support classes are also available for Algebra I and Geometry.

       Math students celebrated Pi Day with calculating pi, solving word problems, and eating oatmeal cream pies!

       In lieu of a traditional final exam in Probability and Statistics, students created carnival games where they were required to calculate all chances of winning and losing plus expected values and fairness.  Using fake money, students paid to play the games, hoping to make a profit. 

       Through the Lake Shore Foundation’s generosity, the math department was awarded a grant for $9,000.  They used the money to purchase 90 more graphing calculators.

       In May 2016, 83% of students passed the AP Calculus AB exam; the highest success rate of any current AP class at LSHS.

       The math department uses more than 50 different instructional strategies to meet the needs of their students. 




       Students experience hands-on learning labs featuring Single Replacement Reactions, Crime Scene Analysis, Magnetic Levitation Cars, and Frog, Sheep Eyes, and Rat Dissection.

       Zoology students build mazes to test whether or not mice are trainable.

       Future Scientists created Macromolecule and Earth Science whiteboard illustrations. Our Astronomy class requires students to create their own solar system and planet, measuring star distances and designing mountains and seas. Our science department does an exceptional job at making learning visible, providing the labs and kinesthetic projects that make concepts stick.

       In one Biology lab, students were measuring the breathing rates of fish. Using a 1 minute timeframe, students counted the movement of their gills. 

       Biology students were divided into teams and asked to teach the class about light independent and dependent reactions and stages of photosynthesis using their illustrations as a prop. Terminology, equations, and visualizing the process were being learned through the posters and presentations.

       Chemistry A students created models and videos to demonstrate their understanding of nuclear chemistry. Options were alpha radiation, beta radiation, gamma radiation, fission, and fusion.

       In Mr. Taylor's Backyard Ecosystems class, students assembled raised planter beds, with assistance from Building Renovations.These would serve as the new home for fresh vegetables and flowers. Several were planted in biodegradable pots for students to enjoy in their own gardens. In the future, a greenhouse will be built for the entire Lake Shore community to enjoy.

       The fear of presenting is real for many students. Giving students the opportunity to present is a way to practice this important critical skill. Chemistry B students were assigned the Molecule That Changed the World project which required them to share molecule basics, creation, discovery, and historical implications within a presentation. To practice, students formed small groups and gave peer-to-peer presentations, allowing them to receive constructive criticism before their whole class formal delivery.

       Zoology classes discovered, through dissection, that the organs in a frog have a similar layout to a human body.

       Advanced Chemistry students demonstrate what they’ve learned in a CO2 “boat” project. This project encompasses almost all of the topics they learned during the second trimester of the course. At the end of the project, students submit learning logs and race their “boats” in a 10 foot long rain gutter to see which team has the fastest time.

       Students in a variety of courses participate in learning games to improve their knowledge. Kahoot and Quizlet allow the students to compete against each other while demonstrating what they’ve learned.



       Mr. Akerley’s Shakespeare class visited the Macomb Center for the Performing arts to attend New York’s Aquila theatre’s production of Much Ado About Nothing.  The class wore their Stay Calm and Read Shakespeare shirts to the performance and had the opportunity to participate in a Q & A with the actors.

       The Literature and Rhetoric and American Literature students continue to receive “Drama Bombs” from the Drama Club under the guidance of Mr. Akerley.  A Drama Bomb is an unexpected performance of a scene from a play or story the students are reading, bringing the literature to life!

       The Michigan Shakespeare Festival proudly presented the play Romeo and Juliet to all Literature and Rhetoric students.

       Yearbook students created a 168-page yearbook. On average, 500 yearbooks are sold annually.

       The Shoreline, the school newspaper, produced 15 digital issues by 12 staff members located at http://www.lshsshoreline.org/.

       American Lit students created a multi genre research project on the topic of their choice. Along with traditional research, this project contained eight creative pieces in various genres like poetry, diary entries, news articles, and other alternate styles of writing. Students presented this imaginative writing based on fact in a gallery format for their classmates to appreciate and provide peer feedback.

       After reading Lorraine Hansberry's powerful three act play, "A Raisin in the Sun," American Lit students envisioned, wrote, and performed their own fourth act.

       The English Department created a Weebly website as a vehicle for community outreach where parents may access the scope and sequence at any time.

       Author Rebecca Johnson visited our media to share her love for writing with our young adult readers.

       AP Literature students researched and presented background information before reading The Poisonwood Bible, which is set in the Belgian Congo. Students taught their classmates about Congolese food, dance, natural resources, dangers, and other topics.  These same students met up on Sunday for "Breakfast and Books" in Mt. Clemens. They met with Ms. Lisa Taylor of Paperback Writer Books and were able to answer literature trivia questions to win $5 toward their book purchase. The students were also treated to some magic tricks at ABC Magic Shop!

       Throughout the year, English students participate in class Writing Workshops, where they are encouraged to write beyond the confines of regular classroom curriculum.  Students have written short stories, poetry, and other pieces that showcase their unique writing talents. 

       In December, Mrs. Tharme’s classes traveled to Detroit’s Bonstelle Theater to enjoy a production of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.  Students were provided with a mini-tour of the historic theater and enjoyed a Q&A session with the actors after the performance. 



       Through simulations, the Trench War in WWI and English coffeehouse for the Enlightenment were recreated.

       AP History students created videos based on a specific time period or person using effects, music, still photographs, and movie clips.

       Psychology students took a field trip to the Detroit Zoo, having naturalistic observations of both animals and humans.

       AP Psychology students created children's books about the brain and sensations. 

       World History students experienced cultural diffusion through 12 diverse learning centers. A zen garden, sumo circle, chopsticks, food, and map of Silk Road are examples of exposed activities.

       Learning centers allow students to be self-disciplined by exploring in their own way and intentionally directing their own learning.

       Mr. Hubbard's passion for history continues to spark student inquiry. His American History and Civil War students were able to experience several historical artifacts from his personal collection, sharing something tangible that went along with timelines and historical people.

       Sarah Roberts came and talked about her career in politics, the local and state government systems, as well as stressing the importance of being active in voting and other government procedures.

       Republican State Senator Jack Brandenburg from the 8th district discussed his political career, the climate of Michigan, and the current political landscape with our students.

       Marcia Squier completed our final round of Politician visits. She is running as a Green Party candidate for the United States House of Representatives. She currently lives in the Lake Shore district and has children that attend Violet and Kennedy Middle School.

       Civil War classes participated in a reenactment which included sending messages with flags, building fire, cooking, and a combat simulation. These collaborative activities took learning to new heights, allowing students to perform tasks that soldiers put into practice everyday.

       Students visited the University of Michigan to get a historical lesson on Korean tile pottery making and tour the museum.

       High School students visited the middle school and taught students about Korean cultural elements.

       Students will be given the option to take AP Economics during the 2017-18 school year.



       85 Spanish-speaking fourth grade students from The Academy of the Americas visited Lake Shore High School to share their love for their native language with our 40 high school Spanish learners. 

       15 High school students are learning to navigate a new city, adapting to a foreign language, and exploring the Spanish culture. Our rich Spanish curriculum has helped students adjust to their new environment in Spain.

       Students from the German classes went on their annual Frankenmuth field trip. They went to Bronner's for ornaments, Bavarian Inn to make pretzels and eat the chicken dinner, played in the arcade and finished the day at the River Shops.


       Marching Band ranked 1st Division at Warren Mott Schools. They performed Secrets We Keep. This rating was based on five categories of tone, rhythm, intonation, technique, and interpretation. 

       In April 2017, LSHS Choirs traveled to Nashville, TN to compete in Festivals of Music where Women's Chamber Choir, Fusion, and Competition Concert Choir won two 1st places and one 2nd place award and three Awards of Distinction.

       Women's Chamber Choir was also awarded the Highest overall score of all the competing ensembles receiving the "Performance of Distinction" award. LSHS Choirs were also awarded the "Esprit de Corps" award for their high level of professionalism, performance etiquette, school spirit, and overall unity as a program.

       In March 2017, all four choirs participated in MSVMA District 16 Choral Festival and each ensemble received a “First Division Rating”. All four ensembles qualified to participate in MSVMA State Choral Festival with their high ratings.

       In January 2017, 40 students, in 4 shows performed Bye Bye Birdie, the musical.

       The Macomb County Board of Commissioners and the Macomb County Health Department turned their paint brushes over to artistic Shorians as winners of a mural competition.

       Art students took 1st, 2nd, 3rd places at the Optimist Club Art.

       Art students participated in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards where a portfolio and multiple pieces were judged in New York.

       Art student Roelle Almario and Choir student Dylan Slamka collaborated to come up with a shirt design for the school musical.

       All 9-12 grade Art students took Best of Show at the Anton Art Center.

       Lake Shore's District Art Show brought together a unique blend of 200 pieces of artwork from talented K-12 students. With hundreds of art pieces being displayed, specialty craft exhibitors, children's activities, and a bake sale, this interactive art event is a highlight of the year!

       There were 6 Scholastic Award winners and for the first-time for Lake Shore, Breanna Koliba earned a Gold Key Portfolio, one the highest honors.  Koliba has also been named Art Student of the Year.

       Lake Shore’s Yearbook class completed the 2017 edition.  This year’s theme is Humans of Lake Shore.  It is a take off of the popular book/web site, Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton.  It captures the spirit and diversity of Lake Shore High School’s student life as well as its many clubs and athletic organizations.  The yearbook will be available for pick-up/sale in mid-May.



       Medical students were greeted by Wee Care Daycare children ranging from ages 3-5 for their annual animal well care visit. Stuffed animals, with owner supervision, experienced wheelchair rides, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, hand washing, height and weight, dental hygiene examinations, and vision testing.

       Dr. Amy Joehlin-Price used web conferencing to give future Shorian pathologists and medical students an in depth narration of an autopsy. The doctor explained tools and tissues as she cut through the patient's layers.

       A kidney transplant teleconference from Ohio State University's Dr. Diez was on the agenda for our medical students. As he narrated the transplant process, he shared insights into specific tools, parts, functions, and surgical personnel. It was interactive as all three schools participating were able to ask questions while Dr. Diez shared what the students were seeing.

       Our medical classes have the opportunity to job shadow at Beaumont, Grosse Pointe campus twice a month. During their observations, they experience the emergency room, radiology, the cardiovascular stress lab, sterile processing, hemodialysis and endoscopy. Students are able to determine areas of interest which helps them narrow down a specific career path in this field.

       In celebrating Children's Dental Health Month, dental students visited the elementaries to share why it is important to take care of your teeth. Since 78% of Americans have had at least 1 cavity by age 17, proper brushing and flossing education is warranted.

       The Business Department regularly uses Blackboard, an online management system, to make curriculum more accessible and include hybrid and blended learning opportunities.

       Principles of Leadership (Spring) class getting life & leadership lessons from eight outstanding guest speakers, including five of Lake Shore's finest staff members along with some Lake Shore alumni too who come back to share their stories and advice. Along with video clips, podcasts, movies, Mr. Daly's presentations, and the student’s book report presentation, the course made its mark on the seniors that took it. 

       Design Studio classes compete in the annual Cardboard Boat races where Steel Horse took 1st place!

       The seven Media Productions II student leaders who produce announcements are well versed in using a tricaster, switcher, soundboard, teleprompter, and green screen technology. Although it may seem chaotic during their 13 minutes of live time, these students always keep a professional image.

       Lake Shore Media Productions II and Advanced Web Design students pose with Sarah Roberts and other professionals at the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning's annual Student Technology Showcase held at the Capitol.

       Students were given a tour of Fisher Dynamics where they learned the process behind producing recliner mechanisms for vehicles during Manufacturing Day. Approximately 6,500 seats are produced each day at this plant; The assembly line and everyone within the company are truly efficient, team players.

       For the past 10 years, Principles of Leadership, Building Renovations, and Design Studio students have experienced Base Camp at the Genesee County Technical Center. Located in Flint, this field trip allows students to work together as team, step out of their comfort zones, and bond with other classmates through a high ropes course, rock climbing, and ground challenges.

       Introduction to Architecture classes create ¼ inch = 1 foot scaled model homes using 3D Modeling software.

       Mechanical Engineering students are 1 of 10 schools that are part of Square One’s Education Network, V 2 X Program.

       Design Studio students received a 3D printer and digitizer for classroom projects.

       The 16 students in Building Renovations built 12 corn hole sets priced at $150 each. 

       Web Design students worked with real web developers at Seek Momentum, created iMovies at Apple in Partridge Creek and volunteered with the Detroit Animal Welfare group to obtain content pictures and ideas.

       In celebration of Manufacturing Day, 43 students attended a field trip to Proper Group and Flex N Gate where they learned how auto parts were made and given an overview of programs used. The abundance of job opportunities in this growing field creates exciting opportunities for our students.

       Our Medical Careers II classes job shadow at Beaumont, experiencing many units such as dietary, nursing, central processing, respiratory and physical therapy, and hemodialysis.

       In addition, Valerie Roanoke and Lauren Malicsi attended Michigan State University's Medical Careers Exploration Day. They learned how-to suture, were exposed to massage therapy, including an interactive question and answer session with medical students, and were given a tour of the facility.

       Mechanical Engineering students created pumpkin chuckers which were graded on accuracy and distance. Air cannons, catapults, and a cross bows were used to launch the pumpkin candy treats. Teammates AJ Bonser and Josh Tennant have found the most success with their 120 yard launch.

       We had the pleasure of hearing from Reserve Deputy Douglas Rivers from the Macomb County Sheriff's Office discuss Internet Safety.

       He claims the most important piece of advice is once you email a picture or video, it is out of your control and in the cloud forever. He shared real stories about online dangers and the consequences that go along with them.

       Approximately 30 students were able to attend Architectural Day in Detroit where they viewed Guardian and Penobscot Buildings. They toured the Renaissance Center before the Detroit Architecture Tour.

       Lake Shore High School has 8 student videos in the semi finals of the Emagine Theater Hush Reel Video Contest. They were Eric Copp, Robert Scheetz, Brandon Messina, Megan MaGowan, Rachel Felder, Lance Sitko, Dakota Coldicott, and Kathrine Kirchinger.

       Junior Hannah Watkins received a Michigan Affiliate Award for her accomplishments in the technology field through NCWIT.

       Video Productions students worked with 5th grade Masonic Heights students to record, edit and complete infomercials.

       Our Marketing team took 2nd place in the Michigan First Credit Union's competition!

       The Courageous Persuaders review panel has named Eric Copp as one of the Top 60 Finalists for the video Not Worth It.

       Mercedes-Benz Financial Services invited Web Design winners to their Farmington Hills location to discuss IT, Branding, and Design.

       Dental classes taught K-2 students about oral hygiene by watching a video and playing games.

       Matt Koch and Jillian Hartwig were named this year's Outstanding Career and Technical Education Students.

       It was Coding Collaboration Day where Mr. Heier's Fourth Grade students were mentored by Web Design students, completing their first webpage about their favorite animal. Programming is a basic literacy in the digital age and this activity proves that anyone can learn how to code.

       Mrs. Radlick and Mrs. Todaro's classes visited the Auto Show and Detroit Historical Museum. Students were able to see vehicles up-close and learn how new technologies are changing the automotive landscape.

       Congratulations to 1st place winners Natalie Stepanenko, Cecilia DuPont , and Mackenzi Steinmetz, 2nd places winner Jada Baldwin, Hannah Watkins, and Megan Ritz, 3rd place winners Mackenzie Maison and Angela Maslanka, and finalist Christina Wright. Their websites impressed 75 first-round technology judges and 10 second-round business professionals earning Lake Shore a total of $2,150 in prize money!

       Media Productions II students Jon Tomlian, Brey’Juan Currie, Nick Rizzo and Robbie Davis presented at the Student Technology Showcase at MACUL for educators and administrators in Michigan.

       The Marketing and Sales class met with Marketing Executives from the Detroit Pistons/Palace of Auburn Hills, and attended a Pistons game!



       Physical Education classes spent multiple days training with Petty Officer Washington from the United States Navy consisting of basic training workouts and shared nutritional information.

       A record number of 12 students certified as lifeguards. Of these students, many have already secured a summer job.

       Students created 10-minute aerobic and fitness conditioning videos as part of their coursework.

       Physical education students had the opportunity to learn and experience the games of basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, pickleball, German kickball, thief, Shorianball, Spikeball, Nitroball, and speedball.

       Navy Recruiter and Police Officer Jadaniel Washington put Fitness and Conditioning students through a boot camp simulation which included 4-person push-ups, high knees, running in place, and ab workouts.

       Researched current health issues and presented information in a summarized and debate-style format.



       In celebration of Halloween, Consumer Math students measured the circumstance, weighed, counted the creases and seeds, and painted pumpkins.

       Mr. Carney and Mrs. Fain's students participated in Special Olympics on Macomb Community College's campus with great success.

       MICI students, along with their Senior Leadership friends, visited Friendship Circle in West Bloomfield. At the facility, students were able to visit a variety of locations including a bank, park, movie theatre, ice cream shop, and pet store. This is a great way to experience life lessons within our community.

       On Wednesdays, our MICI students participate in community-based instruction by visiting places like Meijer, Pet Smart, Ollies, Kroger, Home Depot, and Target.

       Every traditional final exam in the building has been recorded and screencasted by teachers to meet the needs of accommodated students.

       Resource room students took a field trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts because of the generosity of a grant.


       National Honor Society inducted 38 students based on Leadership, Character, and Service and performed 2,526 hours of community service.

       39 Units of lifesaving blood were collected at a blood drive sponsored by the National Honor Society, giving as many as 117 hospital patients a chance to once again enjoy good health.

       As part of the Excellence, Student, Pride Club, 32 students were selected as Shorians of the Month based on academic achievement, athletic improvement and/or prowess, or a good deed.  ESP also spread kindness throughout the building with locker signs, get well cards, and other random acts of kindness.

       Art Club, the most active club at Lake Shore with an average number of 30 students at each meeting, put on the K-12 District Art Show featuring an artist’s market. There were 8 baskets raffled off during this event.  They also reinvented a toy box, created Lion King masks for Rodgers Drama Club, made ceramic projects, and prepped for another school mural.

       Key Club organized a Princess for the Day event where beautiful young ladies rotated through makeup, hair, and nail stations manned by high school volunteers. Once the makeovers were completed, they were able to walk a runway and pose for photos.

       HOSA sponsored a Food Drive in November benefitting St. Margaret's Food Pantry. Homerooms battled each other by bringing boxed and canned foods to make a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings (potatoes, vegetables, sweet potatoes, rolls, cranberries, stuffing, and/or grocery store gift cards).

       At their Marysville competition, Broken Drill Bits ranked 30/40. We are proud of our Robotics team for their constant improvements with the climber!

       ‪With guidance and planning from Ms. Jones, International Club advisor, our Chinese students volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, and the Macomb County food programs  and visit Michigan landmarks such as Metro Beach, Diamond Queen Riverboat in Detroit, Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village, Debucks Corn Maze, Michigan Capitol, Huckleberry Railroad, and the Auto Show.

       Chinese students also invited all students and staff to several holiday celebrations.  These included the following: Holiday Craft & Cookies: students and staff were invited to share some Christmas traditions with our visiting students, Chinese New Year celebration: staff, students, and community members were treated to dinner, a program highlighting information about various regions in China and Chinese culture, and some audience participation games, Easter Egg hunt & egg coloring: students and staff were invited teach our visiting students about some typical Easter festivities - an egg hunt at the Chinese dorm and decorating Easter eggs

       Two students tested their knowledge in Science Olympiad events like Ecology and Rocks and Minerals at Macomb Community College.

       Lake Shore Drama Club's production of Ashland Falls included 18 actors, actresses, and stage hands over 3 nights.  The play was produced in 6 weeks, and was a success!  The Drama Club also continues to drop into English classes to “Drama Bomb” (perform a scene) from the plays or stories the classes are reading. 

       At the 2017 Michigan HOSA Regional Leadership Conference today, 10 students participated in events to showcase their knowledge of the medical field.

       Cianna Bertholet, Jannie Duong, Ashley Jagoda, Karissa Ledington, and Megan Ritz placed as finalists and will move forward to the State competition in Traverse City.

       Macomb County Green Schools recognizes Lake Shore High School with an award for its participation in sustainable practices through curriculum choices and school activities. Although we are known for our red and white, Lake Shore High School has added green in the mix, officially becoming an environmentally-friendly school.


       With the support from Mr. Feldman, Mr. St. Laurent and Mrs. Rathburn traveled to Germany on a social studies and STEM professional development study tour, organized and funded by the Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP).

       Mr. Gwozdz and Mrs. Tharme served as chaperones for the Spain Exchange Student experience.

       There are teachers who use materials provided by their district and there's the English Teacher Mrs. Tharme's creative way. This innovative teacher wrote a proposal using Donor's Choose which allowed her to secure new textbooks for the classroom. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation even matched the donation! Budget limitations do not bar this classroom teacher from providing updated instructional materials for her students.

       Mr. Lacy presented at Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers Conference at Greektown Casino on the use of Google Classroom. Other educators learn from our educators in a thoughtful, collaborative way." It is quite a feat to collect such an enormous amount of accolades in a consistent manner, but that is what happens when the leader and students put in the extra effort.

       Ms. LoGrasso was honored meeting for being named Teacher of the Year. Thank you for your high quality instruction, leadership, and community focus.

       Ms. Anderson, Mrs. Blaszkowski, Ms. Buzun-Miller, Ms. Candela, Mr. Faught, and Mr. West served as the 1:1 committee, helping to pilot new technologies that will be used in the 2017-18 school year.

       Ms. Phillips will receive her Education Specialist Degree in May from Arkansas State University.



       Junior and Senior Parent Night focused on college applications, early actions, the admissions process, and financial aid.

       There were 70 students who took the PSAT, a test that measured for college readiness and practice for the SAT.

       The dual enrollment and early college presentation informed 100 parent and student attendees of these important educational options. Lake Shore has made it a commitment to support diverse opportunities for everyone.

       ‪At our College Fair, with 55 post-secondary options in attendance, students received information on postsecondary options, giving them direction for the future decisions.



       The Athletic Department created a robust website to communicate sport information with the Lake Shore community. Coach contact information, practice and game schedules, individual and team awards, and more are housed within the site located at http://shoriansports.weebly.com/.

       The annual Shorian Taste Fest held at Barrister Gardens raised $21,000.

       Lake Shore Aria Winter Guard placed 3rd in the State Competition (MCGC) and place 35th in the World Competition (WGI)! Aria also performed in Indianapolis at the Winter Guard International Finals where they placed 6th. Lake Shore's Haley Puma, John Puma, Megan Pietrzak, Kay Sumner, Abbigail Mabry, Summer Morgan, Diana Cantin combined with 4 other team members danced their way to the top of the scoreboard.

       The boys’ basketball team is the District Champs with a score Lake Shore 57, Grosse Pointe North 49.

       The Competitive Cheer teams have earned their fifth consecutive MAC title, second consecutive district title, and fifth consecutive honor of an All-State Academic Team (Honorable Mention).

       Ten varsity cheerleaders earned All-State Academic Awards for grade point averages of 3.8 or higher: Jannie Duong, Cassidy Greene, Courtney Huber, Samantha Lundy, Haley Marsiglio, Angela Maslanka, Hailey Modreski, Brooke Nysen, Janelle Reiff, Payton Zsude.

       Six varsity cheerleaders earned a spot on the All-conference team, including the MAC Blue MVP: Kalli Boren (MVP), Melissa Aliotta, Valerie Roane, Shelby Jackson, Isabella LaPinta, and Hailey Modreski.

       Julia Munger broke the school record in the 100 Fly with a time of 1:02.92.

       The team of Jessica Bajis, Elizabeth Gatto, Julia Munger, and Lorin Miley broke the school record in the 200 Freestyle Relay with a time of 1:48.91.


       Thanks to the Army representatives, Shorians were able to play with TALON robots. The Army uses them for bomb disposal, in hazardous spill areas, and as predator vision. Each robot can drag 750 pounds and costs $180,000. This opportunity exposed students to STEM careers. Adventurous students also experienced a 30 ton Army self-contained simulation system. It gave students the opportunity to play with two Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Systems, a M4 Laser-Shot Simulator, the Apache Flight Simulator, and an Interactive Robotic Arm Simulator.

       There were 40 Early College students and 42 Dual Enrolled students taking college courses as a high school student.

       We will host a Challenge Day. Approximately 100 students and 25 adults have been chosen to participate in this interactive program that provides tools to tear down the walls of separation, and inspire participants to live, study, and work in an encouraging environment of acceptance, love, and respect.

       Approximately 120 students have been selected to participate in the Upstander Anti-Bullying Program. Defeat the Label workshops develop leadership abilities, critical thinking skills, and provide training methods of effectively intervening in a bullying situation.

       By providing opportunities like Challenge Day and Defeat the Label, we hope to continue to create a positive atmosphere for every Shorian to enjoy.

       Michigan First Credit Union employs 6 students each year. They are some of the most trustworthy and responsible Shorians. Stop by, open an account, and say hello to Breanna Koliba, Cortez Jackson, Lillian Kwapisz, Davon Woodard, Samantha Downey and Mickale McKithen.

       The mission is to engage in discussions based on appropriate behaviors, pricing, and employer interactions.

       Our Open House welcomed students of all ages to the high school and informed them about our academic, athletic, and extracurricular club options. Student leaders served as tour guides, snacks were available, the band entertained our guests, and staff answered questions throughout the night.

       The Macomb County Health Department completed a vision screening for all freshmen students today. Vision problems interfere with learning and development.

       Congratulations to Natalie Stepanenko, Lake Shore's representative on the Macomb County All-Academic Team. She plans on attending Hillsdale College in the fall.

       As part of an Army musical outreach program, Dash I Ten performed for our entire student body.

       ‪Divine Mathes and Evan Hazlett won $15,000 in scholarships for Michigan's Young and Free competition.

       Career Field Experience students and their employers celebrated their internship experiences with breakfast at the high school. This program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to pursue career goals and experience authentic occupational situations. There were 27 participating businesses for 32 students.

       Caitlyn Churchill, Kara Burns, and Hunter MacLeod impressed their audience with front flips, lifts, and whip intersections on the ice. Caitlyn and Kara placed 4th in the short program and 5th in the long program representing their team, the Ann Arbor Hockettes. Hunter placed 2nd in the Novice division, representing her team, the Dearborn Crystallettes.

       At our Snowcoming assembly, there was a Shorian Powerbuff war between grades. Juniors came in 4th place, Sophomores took 3rd place, Freshmen earned 2nd place, and Seniors won 1st place.

       Amanda Conlon, Sara Nevedal, Logan Mardlin, Joe Schmitz, Noah Houth, and Paige Redlin display their Science Fair projects. Judged by professors and MMSTC alumni, Lake Shore High School students Sara Nevedal and Paige Redlin won 1st place and 2nd place in Chemistry. In addition, Redlin also was awarded Overall People's Choice.

       Early College of Macomb students attend Seminar where character building and college scheduling are frequent discussion topics. This class helps students stay organized and understand post-secondary requirements.

       Senior Class President and SCSYC member, Evan Hazlett, and Choir students presented at the MLK Day 2017 event for St Clair Shores.

       As an environmentally-friendly school, students volunteer to recycle paper and plastics every Friday.

       Sophomore Elizabeth Stacheit has placed first nationally in the Benjamin Banneker Week Creative Competition sponsored by the Benjamin Banneker Association.

       Elizabeth is holding her contest submission, a clock face with the numbers made up of mathematical equations/expressions. Her theme was Monopoly™.

       Sophomore Mackenzie Maison was the sole sophomore chosen for MYLead, a leadership development program for high school students.




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